The system works on any device with a recent browser (html5): it is possible to follow the course both on PC / Mac and on mobile (tablet or smartphone)

To register just click on the “REGISTER” button on the Home Page. You will be transferred to a page where you can enter your personal data, a password and a valid email address (it is preferable to use a personal one and not the work one, given that sometimes this is limited by company firewalls complicating the whole procedure). At the end, an email will be sent to the specified address. The email will contain a link to click to confirm registration.

The message is sent automatically and after a few seconds or, at most minutes, it should arrive in the “inbox” box. If not found it is likely to have ended up in spam (or Junk Mail). If it is not even in the spam folder, the most likely thing is that the user’s provider is blocking the delivery due to internal security policy (for this reason it is generally better to avoid using corporate emails). Remember that if the procedure is not completed, registration is not completed: if necessary, we recommend contacting assistance.

To recover your password you can click on the link “Forgot password?” present on the login page. A message with indications for recovery will be sent to the email address indicated.

If this guide is not enough to solve all the problems, you can contact support (page “Contacts”).