July, 8th 2021

5:00pm – 7:00pm CEST

Upper and Lower GI disorders

RIDE to iGLOBE – Summer edition is a virtual event that gathers together some of the most renowned experts at international level in the fields of Gastroenterology.
Its aim is to offer a scientific update about the most important topics in Gastroenterology and Functional Disorders, focusing on the new evidences emerged in the last 2 years.
In particular, the scientific program of the Summer edition will focus on Upper and Lower GI disorders.
Sessions will be made interactive by using Q&A.


PLENARY ROOM – Professor Jan Tack
5.00-5.30 COVID-19: A long-lasting impact on gastroenterology practice?
5.30-5.40 Speakers’ discussion
5.40-5.50 Q&A

ROOM 1 – Functional Bowel Disorders
6.00-6.15 The boundaries between functional and organic disorders – G. Barbara
6.15-6.30 Functional Constipation – L. Chang
6.30-6.45 Functional Diarrhea – A. Farmer
6.45-7.00 Q&A

ROOM 2 – Upper GI
6.00-6.15 Management of refractory reflux disease – E. Savarino
6.15-6.30 Dyspepsia or gastroparesis: different or the same clinical management? – B. Lacy
6.30-6.45 The duodenal mucosa, a novel target for the diagnosis od Atypical Food Allergies – R. Kiesslich
6.45-7.00 Q&A


J. Tack (BE)

G. Barbara (IT)

L. Chang (US)

A. Farmer (UK)

E. Savarino (IT)

R. Kiesslich (DE)

B. Lacy (US)